Space Collection In 2075, Captain Elena García's "Horizon" landed on Mars, discovering the underground K'Var civilization, repelling aggressive Xarn aliens together, returning as heroine. All Headshirts Protect
Each Headshirt successfully distract surveillance cameras from your real head. This protects your privacy in public spaces. All Headshirts
AI-generated heads that you can buy as Headshirts and NFTs. Each Headshirt is offered until someone buys the NFT. The fewer people who have bought the Headshirt, the more unique it is. All Headshirts

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Hide Your Head

Surveillance cameras are omnipresent nowadays, recording everything that falls within their field of view without invitation. This often happens under the guise of security. Given the profound intrusion into privacy, we have decided to take action. With Headshirts, you can outsmart common surveillance cameras and protect your privacy.
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