New Headshirts

Headshirts NFT

Each Headshirt can also be purchased as a digital asset called NFT (Non-Fungible Token). By purchasing the NFT, you give your Headshirt uniqueness, as you acquire the image rights to your Headshirt. Your Headshirt will then be marked as “sold” in our store and will no longer be available to other buyers. Our NFTs are ERC-1155 tokens and are generated on the Polygon Chain after purchase. We then send the NFT to a destination address of your choice. As an example, we have published some NFTs on OpenSea.

Buy Headshirt only => USD 49

If you only buy the Headshirt but not the NFT, the Headshirt you bought will remain available for other customers. Your Headshirt is therefore not exclusive and unique.

Buy Headshirt & NFT => USD 98

Buy a Headshirt and the corresponding NFT to get a unique piece of clothing. Once a Headshirt is labeled "Sold so far...", this Headshirt has already been purchased by other customers, but without the NFT. Buy this NFT and stop the sale. All Headshirts without this note are still exclusive and have never been sold.

Premium Quality

Headshirts are made from cotton-touch polyester jersey, which does not fade colors when washed.

Worldwide Shipping

Buy 3 or more Headshirts and save the flat shipping fee of 10$. Import and customs fees may apply.

Easy Payment

Purchase Headshirts using Bank, Credit Cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal or MetaMask wallet.

Printed for you

Headshirts are created after your order. Check "Size Guide" on product page to avoid returns.

Hide Your Head

Surveillance cameras are omnipresent nowadays, recording everything that falls within their field of view without invitation. This often happens under the guise of security. Given the profound intrusion into privacy, we have decided to take action. With Headshirts, you can outsmart common surveillance cameras and protect your privacy.


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