Anunnaki Collection

The Anunnaki, beings featured in Mesopotamian mythologies and Sumerian texts, are described as divine or extraterrestrial entities in Sumerian traditions. The term “Anunnaki” originates from Sumerian, signifying “those who came from heaven to earth.” Notably, in Sumerian epics like “Enuma Elish,” the Anunnaki are depicted as gods who descended from heaven to create the world. Another significant narrative, the “Atrahasis Narrative,” explores the origin of humanity and the Anunnaki’s involvement in human affairs.

Crucially, the concept of the Anunnaki is rooted in the mythological traditions of ancient Mesopotamia and lacks a basis in historical fact. While some modern conspiracy theories propose that the Anunnaki were an advanced extraterrestrial race influencing humanity, these claims lack scientific support and are considered speculative by many experts.

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