Gods Collection

The concept of gods is subject to considerable variation depending on culture, religion and belief system. In general, gods are seen as supernatural beings who possess extraordinary powers and abilities and often act as creators or controllers of the universe. Typical characteristics associated with gods in different religions include their role as creator beings, their omnipotence, wisdom and divine knowledge, moral authority that serves as a source of ethical principles and laws, and worship and adoration by believers in the form of rituals, prayers or sacrifices. The notion of immortality is also common, with gods often seen as exempt from temporal limitations.

It is crucial to emphasise that different belief systems exist, whereby the concept of gods varies greatly between polytheism (worship of multiple gods), monotheism (worship of a single god) and other spiritual beliefs. Examples of gods in different religions include Zeus and Hera in the Greek pantheon, the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in Hinduism, and Allah in Islam. This diversity reflects the cultural and religious complexity of human concepts of divinity.

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