Mars Collection

Mars, the fourth planet in the solar system, lies between the Earth and Jupiter. It is approximately 227.9 million kilometres from the sun and a Martian year lasts 687 Earth days. With a diameter of 6,779 kilometres, Mars is about half the size of the Earth. Its surface, characterised by red dust and rock, contains the largest volcano, Olympus Mons, and the deepest canyon, Valles Marineris, in the solar system. The thin atmosphere consists mainly of carbon dioxide. Although there may have been liquid water in the past, most of it is now frozen or vaporised.

Mars research aims to find signs of life. Space missions from the 1960s to the present, such as Curiosity and Perseverance, are investigating the geology of the planet. Future robotic and manned missions are planned to further explore the mysteries of the Red Planet. Mars remains a fascinating destination for scientific research and could play an important role in human spaceflight.

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