Mexico Collection

Mexico, located south of the USA, borders Central America to the north and stretches along the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. The diverse landscape includes deserts, mountains, rainforests and beaches. With one of the largest populations in the world, Mexico is ethnically diverse, with roots in indigenous peoples, European immigrants and other groups. In addition to Spanish, there are numerous indigenous languages.

The rich cultural tradition reflects indigenous and Spanish influences, manifested in music, dance, handicrafts and festivals. The history ranges from pre-Columbian civilisations such as the Aztecs to colonisation by the Spanish in the 16th century. Independence from Spain was achieved in 1821, and the country underwent significant political and social changes in the 20th century, including the Mexican Revolution. Mexico’s economy is diverse, ranging from agriculture to manufacturing and services. It has extensive trade relations, particularly with the USA and other Latin American countries. Overall, Mexico presents a fascinating mix of history, culture and geography.

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