Snow Collection

Snow, winter and their spirits can have different meanings in different cultural contexts. In general, the term refers to supernatural or mythological beings associated with the winter season. In Norse mythologies, there are various spirits and beings associated with winter. These may include beings such as the “Jólasveinarnir” (Father Christmas) in Icelandic folklore or other wintry creatures that appear in Norse tales.

In some Slavic traditions, there are winter spirits or beings that are specifically associated with the cold season. A well-known example is the “Ded Moroz” (Grandfather Frost) in Russian folk tales, who is often depicted as a friendly old man with wintry characteristics. In various European regions, winter folklore and legends exist about ghosts, goblins or other supernatural beings that play a role during the winter season. These beings can have both positive and negative characteristics and are anchored in local stories and customs. Among the Inuit, the indigenous peoples of the Arctic, there may be mythological figures or spirits specifically associated with the challenges and spirituality of winter.

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