Voodoo Collection

Voodoo is an Afro-Caribbean religion found in various forms worldwide, especially in Haiti and the Caribbean. Combining elements of African religions with Catholic influences and indigenous beliefs, it originated from the traditions of African slaves brought to the Caribbean, notably Haiti, during the transatlantic slave trade. The religion has diversified across regions over time.

Key components of Voodoo involve the worship of Loa (Lwa or Orisha), perceived as spirits or gods capable of interacting with humans. Practitioners engage in rituals encompassing music, dance, possession, and offerings to establish a connection with the loa. It’s crucial to highlight that Voodoo has often been misconstrued and associated with negative stereotypes fueled by popular culture and ignorance. Contrary to these misperceptions, Voodoo is a sincere spiritual practice for many, forming an integral part of their cultural identity. Various forms of Voodoo exist, and practices can differ from one region to another, with Haiti officially recognizing Voodoo as a religion.

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